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 News from Gaboren

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PostSubject: News from Gaboren   Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:26 pm

"Hi guys,
you all know my current condition. First of all I have to thank you, all of you. You were praying for me and it worked. Even if I am non-beliver, now I know, that God must exist. What should I tell you? Thank you guys, for everything. You are like family for me. I will write something about current "me".
Right now I am able to move legs and arms but I am still stucked to bed. And now I know that it is good thing. Why? I am married, I will have a child, a daughter you know. Smile I think that Crisis told you already. I can not speak right now. You can say that I am speachless right now. Doctor said that becouse of that my heart stoped few times while surgery was going, my brain suffer some serious damage. I will never be able to train sports. It is becouse of my left leg, it will not be on full health. Off course my speach suffer the most. Even now I can not say anything. It is painful, I can not say thank you to doctors. In hospital they said me that curing my speach will take even few months and probably they will have to perform another surgery becouse of my "speaching less".
Becouse all of that I have to tell you that I am leaving GDC and I will not be able to visit you guys on xfire or GDC Orange server itself. Why am I doing this? Well... some of reasons are above. All of them? No. Like I said earlier, I have family now, wife and upcoming kid. I have to rest and be at the full strengh as fast as I can. I have to this, it is my resposibility. I won the thoughest battle in my life. I won battle, no... WAR against cancer. It is very painful thing, that illness but it showed me the most important things in life. The most important thing in life is... life itself. I have to live, while I can.
It is the most important thing that decided about my leaving from GDC. I will be in hospital even few months, so do not worry, I will visit you sometimes. Right now I will do the thing I love the most - I will write, I will write my own book. So look for my name in book stores soon. Smile

Like I said, thank you all. Special thanks to:
- Enforcer
- Peseik
- Yin&Yang
- Hamster, Henk, Wouter and Dream - The best clan leaders I saw
- Rooky - for me, you are the GDC spirit
- Splash, Axel, Special/Rossi, Lujcq, Legendary, JJ, 3du and others from GDC Orange (sorry if I do not type your name here! Sad )
- First, Overmind, Slow - take care of GDC like you did before :]
- Sven and GDC White - White is my second favourite server Smile
- Andy, Twiebol - Smile
- WHOLE GDC clan - I love you guys, thanks for everything
- MadMack, Revenge, Seeker and others from dP clan
- GeeWee, Robbow, Hyde, RealMadrid and others from 545 clan

- Special thanks are for Crisis, my cousin and the best person I know. You are not the bad person, do not listen what others saying. Thanks to you I am still living, thank you brother.

Cya mates, we will see again someday. Smile "
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PostSubject: Re: News from Gaboren   Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:39 pm

If you want to send Gaboren a wish, do it in this topic. Write your wish here. Crisis will print it, along with the others, and give Gaboren as a gift.
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Leader of '545.

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PostSubject: Re: News from Gaboren   Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:22 pm

i wish you a prompt come back and hope you gonna feel better fastly Smile

Good luck with your daughter, you will need it lol
cya on the field Smile
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PostSubject: Re: News from Gaboren   Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:53 pm

Yes Gab,, I never have seen you on the xfire, now I know the reason thanks too Peseik and Crissis who kept updating about you're health on the site. We really lived with you, I understand what you are going throu. I just want too thank you for all (TS-Buddy:P), for having you in our clan.

Untill we meet again Wink

My flight leaves now... Good Luck with you're familie and you're nice wife and kiddo Razz


FAILOFC[embed-flash(width,height)]LIKE I THOUI WOUD[/embed-flash]PHAIL AGAIN

And .. FU
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PostSubject: Re: News from Gaboren   Tue Aug 25, 2009 5:53 pm

Mate, this realy touched me...

I feel sorry that you cant visit us anymore, but that doesnt matter..
It matters that you won the War against cancer, and that you will be happy with Catherine and your daughter. I wish you the best in your life, and good luck with your book. I dont know if it is in English or not, but if it is, then i will read it.

I've met a lot of people on ET, and i made a lot of friends, but PeseiK and you are my best mates. We have played a lot together and talked a lot. We have been through a lot, but we always made the best of it. Now you won against cancer, and now you have to make the best of your life.

Good luck mate, Ill never forget you Wink



1 Shot, 1 Kill - No Luck, Just Skill!
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'545. Sniper Team Admin

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PostSubject: Re: News from Gaboren   Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:43 pm

Gaboren<3 I always knew you would survive that, and now you did it. And ofc remember Family before games!
You, I must say are one of the best mates I've got from ET.
Crisis please say to gaboren that He's a very very VERY great person, and tell him good luck with wife and upcoming child, and please hug him and say greetings from shotta Razz

With love - Shotta
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PostSubject: Re: News from Gaboren   Tue Aug 25, 2009 11:05 pm

hee Gabo Very Happy I first want to apologize about the post i had made when u left 545 because I did not know the whole story I hope you will forgive me Smile
Also - My family has been through such a thing so I kinda know how you and your close friends and family feel, so I hope EVERYTHING will go fucking FINE

You are it was behind in that I fine I was in that fine not?

Hyde wrote : WAUWZERZ didn't knoaw we had this SHAUTBAX!!!
You are it was behind in that I fine I was in that fine not?
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PostSubject: Re: News from Gaboren   

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News from Gaboren
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