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'545. Friend
'545. Friend

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PostSubject: Yourself   Tue Oct 21, 2008 9:39 pm

LOL i wanna know who every1 is .. i know Freefly is called Freefly .. and GeeWee GeeWee.. XD but i want to know what your name, surname is Very Happy maybe a pic, and maybe your hobbies, etc..

i start Razz Very Happy

Very Happy my name real name is Jordi surname van Es, live in the Netherlands so yes.. i am dutch Very Happy

*PROUD* XD (cus i am not french Very Happy xD)

i live in a small town called Blerick... i listen rock music and mostly Simple Plan and Greenday.. i know for sure hyde is going to say it sucks.. but hes lame XD Razz

i skate ever day but since wednesday, last week. a car hit me on the road.. now i have a painfull legg.. idk how to say knie in english .. XD but ok Razz so.. my board came under the car and i have 2 now.. Sad

i am lucky i am not the one under the car :DDD

my hobbies are Skating and badminton Very Happy
you already know skating .. but ... ok .. XP lol i am 13 years old and i am on the highschool, second class
wtf moet je dat zegge XD de 2e .. nah .. nederlandse mense verstaan het wel Very Happy
(REAL!!! translate it XD)

AND NOW YOU Very Happy
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